CoCo Ichibanya has introduced ``Hayashi Rice'' with a secret ingredient of ketchup, so I tried it.

At the curry chain CoCo Ichibanya, you can choose from five types of base curry sauce. This time, I heard that the 'Hashed Beef' among them has been reborn as ' Hayashi Rice ', so I went to eat it.

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya

At the back of the news release for the release of Massaman Spice Curry below, there is a word that quietly mentions the appearance of Hayashi Rice.

Cocoichi now releases “Massaman Spice Curry” where you can enjoy the rich aroma -On sale for a limited time from September 1st-
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Arrived at Cocoichi.

In front of the store was a banner for the newly released

Massaman Spice Curry starting September 1, 2023.

The menu included 'pork curry', 'sweet pork curry', 'beef curry', 'coco ichi veggie curry', and 'hayashi rice'.

I ordered the normal 'Hayashi rice' with 300g of rice and normal spiciness.

The ingredients are meat and onions. The sourness of the ketchup, which is added as a secret ingredient in the demi-glace sauce, stands out, and the richness goes well with the rice. Although the meat is not in chunks, it contains a lot of thinly sliced meat, making it quite satisfying.

Unlike curry, Hayashi rice generally doesn't come in ``sweet'' or ``spicy'' varieties, but at Cocoichi you can choose the level of spiciness, so I ordered the 5-spicy option. The color is darker and the graininess is higher than normal.

When you eat it, the spiciness spreads around your tongue, completely covering up the flavor of the demi-glace sauce and the hidden ketchup. It feels like beef curry-like sauce-cooked rice with heavy spiciness, and this may be an ant as such an item, but if you eat it as Hayashi rice, it is better not to add too much spiciness.

'Hayashi rice' is 820 yen including tax. In addition, there are stores that do not sell it, so if you want to eat it, it is safer to check stores that handle 'Hayashi rice' in the store search on the official website in advance.

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