The automobile industry's privacy policy is the worst among all industries, such as ``Nissan uses sexual information for business''

Modern cars are equipped with advanced electronic control functions that record a wide variety of information such as the angle of the steering wheel, the time the door was opened, and the sounds inside the car. The Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization, surveyed the privacy policies of 25 major car brands, and found that 84% of car brands stated that they could share personal information with other companies, and 76% of car brands said that they could share personal information with other companies. It has become clear that the company has clearly stated that it can be sold to customers. The Mozilla Foundation denounces the auto industry's privacy policy as 'the worst of all industries.'

It's Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy | Mozilla Foundation

What Data Does My Car Collect About Me and Where Does It Go?

Various devices such as cameras and temperature sensors are installed in automobiles, and various devices such as 'surrounding images', 'audio inside the vehicle', 'location information', 'travel distance', 'turning angle of the steering wheel', 'time when the door was opened', etc. information can be recorded. Furthermore, many of the recent cars are equipped with a function to link with smartphones, and technically it is possible to access personal information such as 'contact information', 'schedule', and 'music you are listening to'.

Automobile brands have published a ``privacy policy'' that describes how to handle recordable personal information. You can find out information such as 'whether or not'. The Mozilla Foundation collected the privacy policies of 25 brands, including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, BMW, Tesla, etc., and investigated the information and uses collected by automotive brands.

The analysis revealed that car brands clearly state in their privacy policies that personal information such as 'contacts,' 'schedule,' and 'music you're listening to' can be accessed and used for purposes other than car management. . The Mozilla Foundation said, ``All the car brands surveyed collect more personal information than necessary,'' and more information than products that are closely related to personal information such as smartphones and healthcare apps. He points out that he is collecting.

The information that car brands have stated to collect is wide-ranging, and six car brands have collected 'genetic information'. In addition, the privacy policy of Nissan USA (North America Nissan) clearly states that information on the user's 'sexual orientation' and 'sexual activity' is used for business.

In addition, 84% of the car brands surveyed have stated that they will share personal information not only with themselves but also with other companies. In addition, 76% of car brands included in their privacy policy the phrase 'personal information can be sold to other companies.'

The table below shows “Data use”, “Whether users can control the collection of personal information (Data control)”, “Whether personal information is properly protected (Track record)”, Items that the Mozilla Foundation judged to be problematic from the perspective of whether security standards are met (Security) and whether personal information is used for AI learning (AI) are marked with an 'x'.

brand Data use Data control Track record Security AI comprehensive evaluation
renault × × There is a problem
dacia × × There is a problem
BMW × × × There is a problem
Subaru × × × There is a problem
fiat × × × There is a problem
jeep × × × There is a problem
chrysler × × × There is a problem
dodge × × × There is a problem
Volkswagen × × × × There is a problem
Toyota × × × × There is a problem
lexus × × × × There is a problem
ford × × × × There is a problem
lincoln × × × × There is a problem
audi × × × × There is a problem
Mercedes-Benz × × × × There is a problem
Honda × × × × There is a problem
acura × × × × There is a problem
kia × × × × There is a problem
chevrolet × × × × There is a problem
buick × × × × There is a problem
GMC × × × × There is a problem
Cadillac × × × × There is a problem
hyunde × × × × There is a problem
Nissan × × × × There is a problem
Tesla × × × × × There is a problem

The Mozilla Foundation has launched a signature campaign asking the automotive industry to limit the collection of personal information, which can be signed online at the link below.

Car Companies: Stop Your Huge Data Collection Programs

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