I tried all three types of Tsukimi Burgers, such as Wendy's First Kitchen 'Tsukimi CBP Burger', which has a great combination of potato-filled hash potatoes and meaty beef patties.

From September 7, 2023 (Thursday) at Wendy's First Kitchen, ' Tsukimi CBP Burger ', ' Tsukimi CBP Chicken Fillet Burger ', and ' Jr. Tsukimi CBP Burger ', which are perfect for autumn, will be available. It is said that the burger is a combination of round hash potatoes shaped like the moon, melty cheese, crispy bacon, juicy 100% beef patty or hearty chicken fillet. I checked it out.

[From 9/7 (Thursday)] Moon viewing has arrived again this year! Introducing 3 types of American Tsukimi CBP burgers with a variety of textures! - First Kitchen


Arrived at Wendy's First Kitchen.

The newly introduced 'Tsukimi CBP Burger' was being promoted at the store.

I ordered 'Tsukimi CBP Burger', 'Tsukimi CBP Chicken Fillet Burger', and 'Jr. Tsukimi CBP Burger' for takeout.

'Tsukimi CBP Burger' (970 yen including tax) looks like this. Beef patties and hash potatoes are protruding from the buns.

The diameter of the buns is approximately 8cm.

The ingredients are an egg, melted cheese, two round hash potatoes, crispy bacon, and a beef patty.

When you cut it in half with a knife, the eggs, hash potatoes, bacon, and beef patty are stacked on top of each other, and you can feel the volume just by looking at it. When I tried it, I found that the bacon had a smoky aroma, the hash potatoes had the flavor and texture of potatoes, the beef patty had a meaty texture, and the saltiness of the melted cheese was a perfect match. While the strong flavor rushes into your mouth and leaves you feeling satisfied, the presence of the egg is weak.

'Jr. Tsukimi CBP Burger' (700 yen including tax) is a burger that arranges the usual 'Tsukimi CBP Burger' to Jr. size.

Although it is Jr. size, the diameter of the bun is the same as the regular 'Tsukimi CBP Burger', the only noticeable difference is that the beef patty is large enough to fit in the bun. Two hash potatoes were also included.

Impression that you can enjoy the crisp texture of the egg as much as the beef patty is smaller. For those who want to taste eggs, we recommend the Jr. size.

Next, I will eat 'Tsukimi CBP Chicken Fillet Burger' (870 yen including tax).

The size of the buns is the same as the regular 'Tsukimi CBP Burger', but the beef patty has been replaced with a large chicken fillet. The beef patty was also big enough to protrude from the buns, but the chicken fillet has more volume.

When I tried eating it, the chicken fillet seemed to be light and had a strong salty taste, and the sweet potato flavor of the hash potatoes brought it together in a well-balanced manner. After all, the presence of eggs was diluted, but it was finished in a satisfying burger with volume.

“Tsukimi CBP Burger,” “Tsukimi CBP Chicken Fillet Burger,” and “Jr. Tsukimi CBP Burger” will be available for a limited time in the fall from Thursday, September 7, 2023, and can be purchased at all Wendy's First Kitchen stores. .

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