``Wakame ramen soup'', which mixes wakame ramen ingredients into rice, has a high degree of perfection as cooked rice.


Wakame Ramesi no Moto'', which is a seasoned rice that uses the oysters of Ace Cook's cup noodles ` `Wakame Ramen' ', was released on August 21, 2023. It is said that it reproduces the characteristic spice feeling and soy sauce feeling of wakame ramen, so I actually made cooked rice to see what it tasted like.

Wakame Rameshi Mix – Yamamori Co., Ltd.

The original package of wakame rameshi looks like this.

The name is ``Takikomi Gohan no Moto (Wakame Gohan no Moto)'', and the ``Dashi'' is made from soy sauce, sugar, salt, spices, bonito flakes extract, egg yolk powder, dried sardines powder, etc. Sesame, wakame, corn, menma, etc. are used.

The calorie per box is 103 kcal. One box can make 3 cups.

Inside the box were ``Kayaku'' and ``Sachet Dashi''. Kayaku is equivalent to 2 packs of Honke Wakame Ramen.

I will try making takikomi rice using wakame rameshi base. First, add 3 cups of rice and the same amount of water as when cooking white rice to the inner pot of the rice cooker.

Next, add a small bag of soup stock.

Quickly put it in.

Mix roughly.

Place the inner pot into the rice cooker.

Cook rice in takikomi rice mode or white rice mode. This time I tried cooking it in white rice mode.

This is what the cooked state looks like. The surface is covered with seaweed.

Mix the wakame evenly and it's done.

I tried serving it in a bowl. The ingredients include corn and menma, but the wakame really stands out.

When I tried it, I realized that it tasted like ``seasoned rice seasoned with soy sauce.'' I had heard that it was a ``reproduction of wakame ramen,'' so I was expecting it to have a strong flavor, like adding rice to the wakame ramen soup, but the flavor was just like one of the variations of takikomi rice. . However, the characteristics of wakame ramen are not completely absent; the large amount of wakame, the crunchy menma, and the slight tingle of pepper create the atmosphere of wakame ramen. In fact, an editorial staff member who frequently eats wakame ramen was delighted, saying, 'It tastes like wakame ramen!' from the first bite.

This time, I used the same amount of water as when cooking white rice, but the seaweed probably absorbed the water and ended up with a stiff texture. Therefore, if you prefer a softer texture, we recommend using more water.

There are benefits to having a firmer texture, and when I made it into rice balls, I was able to enjoy it as a flavorful rice ball that didn't get sticky even after a while.

The suggested retail price of wakame rameshi base is 270 yen excluding tax. At the time of article creation, you can get 5 pieces at Amazon.co.jp for 1458 yen including tax (about 292 yen per piece).

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