Meta's SNS app Threads is regulated so that searches for ``vaccines'' and ``covid'' are not possible.

Threads is a text-based SNS application released by Meta, which operates Facebook and Instagram, as a competitor to Twitter. It is clear that searches for words such as ``vaccines'' and ``covid'' are restricted in this Threads.

Threads blocks searches for 'covid' and 'long covid' - The Washington Post

Threads blocks COVID-related searches amid spiking cases | The Hill

Meta is blocking 'potentially sensitive' topics from Threads search

Although Threads did not have a keyword search function when it was first released, it already has a search function at the time of article creation. However, it became clear that Threads' search functionality does not cover all topics. According to the report, Threads' search function will search for 'words and variations thereof that have been linked to false information on Meta's platform in the past,' such as 'vaccines' and 'covid.' It seems that it is blocked from being displayed in search results because there is a possibility that it is.

The words that Meta prevents from searching on Threads are 'covid,' 'coronavirus,' 'covid-19,' 'vaccines,' and 'covid vaccines.' )' and violent and sexual words such as 'gore,' 'nude,' and 'sex.'

Meta acknowledges that it is blocking certain words, but notes that this is a temporary measure. A Meta spokesperson said, 'The Threads search feature will temporarily suppress search results for keywords that may contain sensitive content.' Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram and lead developer of Threads, said the initiative is 'because we're trying to learn from our past mistakes and believe it's better to be cautious when rolling out search features.' and explains why some words are blocked in search results.

Technology media Engadget says, ``Meta's history shows that the company has good reason to be wary of Threads' search function. It has been widely criticized for its ability to lead down conspiratorial rabbit holes.'

Posts containing 'sensitive words' will no longer appear in search results, even if they do not contain content that violates Meta's rules. Engadget pointed out that this is a 'significantly more aggressive approach than Meta has taken to date.'

In addition, as a result of words related to the new coronavirus being completely blocked in the search function, Threads users are having difficulty accessing expert advice and reliable information.

Engadget noted that Meta's cautious stance highlights how quickly the company has developed Threads.

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