The last small iPhone 'iPhone 13 mini' disappears from Apple's official store

Apple announced its latest smartphone ``iPhone 15'' series at

a new product announcement event held on September 13, 2023, Japan time. Behind the scenes, the sales page for the last small iPhone,the iPhone 13 mini , has been removed from the official store.

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The iPhone 12 mini, which was released in 2020, and the iPhone 13 mini, which was released in 2021, were preferred by users looking for a small smartphone because they had a relatively small display size of 5.4 inches and were cheaper than higher-end models. I was there.


it has been reported that the mini series is not selling well, and 'mini' has disappeared from the lineup in the iPhone 14 series announced in 2022.

'iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus' released, compact size mini discontinued - GIGAZINE

Even after the release of the iPhone 14 series, Apple continued to sell the iPhone 13 mini at its official store . However, Apple removed the iPhone 13 mini from the iPhone lineup of the official store when the iPhone 15 series was announced on September 13, 2023. At the time of article creation, only 'iPhone 13' continues to be available in the iPhone 13 series.

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