The famous Osaka Spice Keema Curry, which covers the cardamom that covers the rice and the umami of the Japanese-style stock, is a masterpiece that breaks the conventional wisdom of retort-packed curry that you should definitely try.

``Osaka Spice Keema Curry'' is a retort pouch curry that was supervised by `

`columbia8' ', a popular curry shop with multiple stores mainly in Osaka. ``Rumor-famed Osaka Spice Keema Curry'' is characterized by a unique cooking procedure of ``sprinkle spices and nuts on top of the rice and then pour curry sauce on top.'' Nico Nico Douga 's ``Retort Curry God 7 (Seven)''! It received high praise at the 4th Spice Festival, so I decided to try it to see what kind of curry it was and check out the cooking process and taste.

columbia 8

Rumored Famous Store Osaka Spice Keema Curry Medium Spicy | Rumored Famous Store | SB Foods Co., Ltd.

In the retort curry corner of the supermarket, I found the famous ``Osaka Spice Keema Curry'' that I was looking for.

I bought it and brought it home. The spiciness ranking written on the package is '4', which is 'medium spiciness in the shop'.

The ingredients are listed separately for curry and toppings, and the curry contains chicken, raisins, bonito flakes extract, kelp extract, dried sardines extract, etc. The toppings include roasted cashew nuts, cardamom, fried green beans, and basil.

Calories are 296kcal per serving.

The box contained toppings and curry sauce.

First, arrange the rice on a plate and sprinkle the toppings evenly over the rice.

When you look at the toppings up close, it looks like this. It contains large amounts of finely ground cardamom and crushed cashew nuts.

Boil the curry sauce in hot water.

Pour the curry sauce over the rice and it's done. The curry sauce is a low viscosity type, so be careful not to spill it too much.

First, when you drink just the curry sauce, you can feel the strong Japanese-style umami such as bonito stock, and the spicy spiciness is added to it. I expected it to have a rich taste due to the oil floating on the surface, but it has a very light taste, and to put it in one word, it is a ``dry Japanese-style dashi''.

When you eat it with toppings and rice, the taste changes completely, and the refreshing spice taste and aroma of cardamom passes through your mouth and nose. When I sprinkled the topping on the rice, I was a little nervous about the large amount of cardamom that covered the rice, but the umami of the curry sauce was quite strong, so I took a step back and played the role of flavoring the cardamom. There was also a large amount of ground chicken, but all the chicken flavor seemed to seep into the soup, making it look like leftovers.

The juicy curry sauce made the curry very smooth overall, and I ate it all up without even realizing it. Another characteristic of curry is that no taste remains in the mouth after swallowing, leaving only the sadness of ``I've run out of curry''.

According to the package description, Columbia 8, which supervised the famous Osaka Spice Curry Mac Curry, is a pioneer who established Osaka Spice Curry as a genre of curry. An editorial staff member who has had many opportunities to eat Osaka spice curry but has never been to Columbia 8 said, ``This is the origin of Osaka spice curry...I see...'' and seemed satisfied. On the other hand, an editorial staff member who is not familiar with Osaka spice curry said, ``It's not a European curry or an Indian curry, but it's different from a soup curry.It's a light and mysterious curry.Did this genre of curry ever exist?I didn't know this taste. 'I'm embarrassed that I was talking about curry,' he mumbled.

The suggested retail price of ``Rumored Famous Store Osaka Spice Key Mac Curry'' is 365 yen excluding tax, and at the time of article creation, you can get 5 pieces at for 1788 yen including tax (358 yen per piece).

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