It is reported that the iPhone 15 is selling well, with the number of pre-orders increasing by about 10% to 12% compared to the iPhone 14.

The number of orders for Apple's smartphone 'iPhone 15' series, which was

announced on September 13, 2023 and pre-orders started from September 15, is about 10 to 10 times higher than the number of orders for the iPhone 14 series released in 2022. It has been reported that it is 12% higher.

iPhone 15 pre-orders up 10-12% on iPhone 14 – tracking analysis

iPhone 15 sales up 10% over iPhone 14, says Wedbush analysts

According to the securities company Wedbush, the number of pre-orders for the iPhone 15 series has increased by about 10 to 12% compared to the iPhone 14 in 2022. In particular, sales of the high-end models

'iPhone 15 Pro' and 'iPhone 15 Pro Max' are strong, and demand for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is said to be high in the United States, China, India, and parts of Europe. Especially in India, the number of pre-orders is expected to increase by about 25% compared to iPhone 14.

Furthermore, according to Wedbush, after investigating the Asian supply chain, the number of iPhones shipped at the start of sales could reach approximately 85 million units.

Regarding the strong sales of the iPhone 15 series, Wedbush said, ``Apple's promotional strategy, such as the transition from Lightning to USB-C, is one factor, but the transition from old iPhones to new models, known as the 'mini-supercycle,' is also a contributing factor. I think one of the factors is that a lot of progress is being made.'

Analyst Daniel Ives said, ``The upgrade cycle for switching from an old smartphone to a new smartphone is said to be approximately four years, and as many as 250 million iPhone users around the world are reaching the time to make the switch.'' I am.

The iPhone 15 series, which started accepting reservations from September 15, 2023, is scheduled to be released on September 22, and reservations are now being accepted. At the time of article creation, many models are scheduled for delivery between mid-October and mid-November, demonstrating the strong sales of the iPhone 15 series.

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