I actually tried eating Ace Cook's 'Gaburi Chicken. Supervised Karaage Flavored Yakisoba' which combines karaage and yakisoba into one to see if it really feels like karaage.

Ace Cook's cup yakisoba ``Gaburi

Chicken . Karaage Flavor Yakisoba '' supervised by the karaage specialty store ``Gaburi Chicken'' was released on September 18, 2023. It is said to be ``yakisoba that reproduces juicy meat texture'', so I actually tried it to see how juicy it is.

is yellowtail chicken. Supervised Karaage Flavor Yakisoba New Release 2023/9/18 | Acecook Co., Ltd.

The package of 'Gaburi Chicken. Supervised Karaage Flavor Yakisoba' looks like this. One commenter says, 'It goes well with a highball!'

Chicken powder and chicken seasoning are used as raw materials.

Calories are 585kcal per serving.

First, open the lid halfway and take out the ``Last-load seasoning'' and ``Noodle loosening flavor oil.''

Pour boiling water, close the lid and wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, discard the hot water.

Remove all the lids and first loosen the noodles and coat them with the flavored oil.

Next, sprinkle with the seasoning added later, mix well, and it's done.

There is no doubt that the salt and pepper are well used, but no matter how far you go, it is just 'noodles' and there is no juiciness. At first bite, it felt like karaage due to the oil and chicken flavor, but it's still noodles after all. It might definitely go well with a highball or lemon sour that cleanses the inside of your mouth. I felt a little unsatisfied that the only noticeable things were 'fried balls' and 'green onions.'

'Gaburi Chicken. Supervised Karaage Flavor Yakisoba' will be sold nationwide from September 18, 2023, and the price is 288 yen excluding tax.

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