Studio Ghibli becomes a subsidiary of Nippon Television and will focus on anime production and management of the Ghibli Museum and Ghibli Park.

Studio Ghibli has produced works such as ``How Do You Live?'' which was released in July 2023, as well as ``Castle in the Sky,'' ``My Neighbor Totoro,'' ``When I Listen,'' and ``The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.'' Nippon Television announced that it will acquire the shares of the company and make it a subsidiary.

There will be no changes to the studio structure as a result of this, and Nippon Television will respect Studio Ghibli's autonomy and will dispatch executives to provide management support.

Notice regarding acquisition of Studio Ghibli shares by Nippon Television - Studio Ghibli | STUDIO GHIBLI

According to Studio Ghibli, after various considerations, Goro Miyazaki, the eldest son of founder Hayao Miyazaki and animation director, has firmly declined regarding the long-pending issue of the studio's successor. After discussions with Nippon Television, we agreed on the same policy.

At the board of directors meetings of both companies held today, September 21, 2023, it was decided that Studio Ghibli would become a subsidiary of Nippon Television.

Going forward, Nippon Television will proceed with the acquisition of Studio Ghibli shares, becoming the largest shareholder with 42.3% of voting rights, and will dispatch executives to Studio Ghibli to provide management support.

On the other hand, Studio Ghibli's autonomy will be respected, and Studio Ghibli will concentrate on animation production and the management of the Ghibli Museum and Ghibli Park in Mitaka.

Originally, Nippon Television and Studio Ghibli have had a close relationship ever since they first aired ``Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind'' on TV, and have been handling their works on Friday road shows. Director Isao Takahata's last project, ``The Tale of the Princess Kaguya,'' was started at the request of Mr. Saiichiro Ujiie, the chairman of Nippon Television, who said, ``I want to see Takahata's new work,'' and ``I don't care if it's in the red.'' Even though Ujiie passed away in 2011 during production, production continued, and the film was completed and released in 2013.

In 2011, Madhouse, which is known for producing ``YAWARA!!'', ``Jubei Ninpucho'', and ``Chihayafuru'', released ``Science Ninja Team Gatchaman'', ``New Android Casshern'', and ``Hauraken'' in 2014. Tatsunoko Productions, known for producing films such as ``Polymer'' and ``Space Knight Tekkaman,'' are now subsidiaries of Nippon Television.

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