Burger King's ``De La Double'' tasting review with fluffy hash browns and juicy onion rings with natural sweetness

Burger King's two limited-time burgers, ``Dela Double,'' which are two flame-grilled beef patties and four rich cheese sandwiched with boldly fried foods, will be available on Friday, September 22, 2023, making them crispy and steamy. I bought `` Dela Hash Double Beef Burger '' where you can enjoy hash browns and ``Dela Oni Double Beef Burger '' which uses crunchy ``juwa sweet onion rings'' at Burger King and tried them both.

Enjoy the autumn appetite! Introducing the large burger “Dela Double” packed with the deliciousness of Burger King!


Enjoy the autumn appetite! Introducing the large burger “Della Double” packed with the deliciousness of Burger King®! New release of 'Dera Hash' and 'Dela Oni', which are two pieces of flame-grilled beef, rich cheese, fresh vegetables and crispy fried food sandwiched together | Press release from BK Japan Holdings Co., Ltd.

Arrived at Burger King.

At the store, the appearance of the new deluxe burger 'Dela Double' is being promoted.

So, I bought both and returned home.

First of all, I will try eating from 'Delaoni'.

The size of the burger is approximately 14cm in diameter, making it an impressive volume.

Two beef patties and onion rings sandwiched between four pieces of cheddar cheese are sandwiched between sesame buns, and bacon, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and onion are on top. The sauce is 'Bullseye BBQ Sauce'.

Bull's Eye BBQ sauce has a smoky taste, and along with the bacon, the double smokiness brings out the aroma of the flame-grilled beef. The sweetness of the onion overflowed from the crispy fried onion rings, and I enjoyed the contrast between the meaty smokiness and the umami of the vegetables in every bite.

I had the 'Dela Hash' cut in half to make it easier to eat. The difference with 'De La Oni' is that the onion rings are changed to hash browns, and the sauce is changed to ketchup and mayonnaise.

When you take a bite, the hash browns are crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and the beef juices rush into your mouth. The smoky flavor of bacon and the sourness of pickles served as good accents and brought out the flavor of the potatoes, making it a hearty burger that allowed you to enjoy the high quality of Burger King's hash browns once again.

'Dela Double' is available for a limited time from September 22, 2023 (Friday) at Burger King excluding the racetrack store, 'Dela Hash Double Beef Burger' is 1440 yen including tax, 'Dela Oni Double Beef Burger' is It's 1490 yen including tax.

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